Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Ready: Is Hillary?

Update: I've changed my mind: Hillary is Right to Fight


It's Time for Clinton to Bow Out Gracefully

The law of diminishing returns has kicked into high gear and it's better for her to show them 'how it's done' when exiting the political center stage the same way she's proven she can and will fight to the finish.

The corollary is: He better get on his knees and kiss her butt-kicking shoes for the 'seasoning' she has provided his naive, not-previously-ready-for-primetime self.

Time for Obama to start actively building bridges and incorporating most of Clinton's policy positions into his own, including Universal Healthcare.

I think in the end women should make plans to be willing to show up at the polls and support Obama in the fall (he'll need it) — and honestly, we can't afford any more Bush-Cheney-McCain-Rove Republicans for ourselves, our children, our nation — but I don't think we should necessarily do the sort of heavy lifting we've done for political campaigns these past 40 years — with little or nothing to show for it as regards our nation's children, poor women, working class women, working moms, seniors and disabled citizens. Let the youngsters and idealists earn their keep. Obama can and should work hard for our votes if he really intends to win. He can't continue to put everything off into abstract up-in-the-cloud concepts either. Specifics must be put to pen, paper and plan — what will he do starting on day one?

Dues must be paid. We've paid ours.

Past Time for certain women of a certain age and history to start asking of the remaining candidates: what's in it for me?

Thank you Hillary. You can hold your head up and move on to the next set of challenges. We still need you to show that you can lead in other ways. For Example: If Oprah really wants to make a difference: why not transform that sh*thole of a worthless piece of sh*t "O" or "Oxygen" television channel into incorporating a Women's News Network? Meanwhile, as the boys club continues to refuse to grow up, it's time to let America live with its choices, just like any growing child struggling toward interdependent independence.

I write this with a certain resigned disappointment — not bitterness, although I can go there if Obama doesn't make the effort to build and repair those bridges — but mostly from a place of resigned detachment and a smidgen of hope that he can and will do what he says he wants to do. I'm still quite skeptical in that regard; but we shall see.

So, maybe the formal end for Clinton comes after West Virginia, after negotiating platform changes, certain policy guarantees, JUDICIAL appointments — especially those — whatever it is they do to bring something like this to its foregone conclusion. Step out with grace, respect and admiration. Timing is important. It's time. Getting close anyway.

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