Monday, April 14, 2008

They're back. MacHeist has a new bundle for mac users.

Passing along this new offering update from MacHeist:

With 12 great applications at over an 80% discount
, the MacHeist directorate is featuring an amazing software sale you can't let pass you by.

iClip, CoverSutra, Awaken, Cha-Ching, Xslimmer, WriteRoom, DEVONthink Personal, Wallet, Overflow and 3 great Pangea games: Enigmo, Nanosaur 2, and Bugdom 2.

The MacHeist Retail Bundle features a bevy of productivity apps geared towards a wide range of users. Whether you just picked up your first iMac, or are pounding away on your 8-core Mac Pro, MacHeist has something for everyone.

Online sales are for a limited time only (it's over before you know it), so don't hesitate: over $250 worth of software for only $49.

When in doubt, if you stumble into dark mazes and empty hallways, always click the MacHeist logo in the upper left hand corner. For the uninitiated, MacHeist usually involves some kind of puzzle quest which must be solved to make your way into the hidden extras goodie bag.

P.S. 25% of the proceeds go to a group of worthy charities. You get to pick your choices when you buy the bundle. MacHeist thinks the Retail Bundle could push total donations to over a million dollars. Buy and Give at the same time.

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