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Jehmu Greene Attacked (some more) by Daily Kos + Obamamaniacs & Fanatics

From Jehmu Greene's recent blog post:

The Wrath of Kos

Uh-oh. I have drawn the ire of bloggers on Daily Kos after my appearance on The O'Reilly Factor last night. Daily Kos diarists are up in arms that I was critical of their beloved website. Interesting. I think most people would prefer my brand of constructive criticism vs. Daily Kos' vitriol.

The founder of Daily Kos, Markos "Kos" Moulitsas' statement:

  • He has "enmity" towards Senator Clinton. (Fancy way of saying deep seated hatred or hostility)
  • He calls Senator Clinton's voters, "low-information Democratic voters..." (Code-speak for "stupid")
  • He refers to the millions of Democrats who voted for Senator Clinton in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island as a "shrinking band of paranoid holdouts" (Offensive and mathematically incorrect)
  • He accuses Clinton of trying to ignite a Civil War within the Democratic Party (irresponsible and divisive)

They are mad at me for appearing on The O'Reilly Factor. Yeah, I went on O'Reilly and expressed my personal feelings of distaste towards comments I find to be offensive, threatening, divisive, and have no place in Democratic politics. Though I disagree with O'Reilly likening Daily Kos to the devil, I am happy to appear on the most-watched program on cable news and express my support for Senator Clinton. Because contrary to what the Daily Kos diarists may believe, not all Democratic and Independent voters sit in front of a computer all day and get their news from the blogosphere. The truth is many of them come home from a long day of hard work and sit down to hear what Bill O'Reilly has to say.

Don't Kos and his blogger posse understand that progressives need these voters to win in November? Instead of arrogantly dismissing their intelligence and espousing that all Democrats should follow blindly behind whatever he and his merry band of bloggers believe, Kos should reconsider his flawed rationale on the primary to date. On one hand he props up the party activists that are attending caucuses as the end-all-and-be-all of the Democratic electorate, while at the same time trying to downgrade the role of superdelegates to a rubber stamp. So it's okay to be a grassroots activist and have an opinion, but if you are a super-duper activist and have worked your way into a State Party leadership position or elected office, you must lose your own opinion and trade it in for someone else's??? And don't get me started on the disenfranchising nature of caucuses that exclude hourly workers, nurses, waitresses, senior-citizens and countless others who don't have four hours to spare...

This ain't North vs South, and there ain't gonna be no Civil War. I may be in the minority here, but I am pretty confident I am right. The heated contest between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama has been good for the Democratic Party. It has produced record turnout and monopolized media coverage away from John McCain. The fear-mongering talk of Civil War within our Party is rubbish. It's a scare tactic to try and persuade superdelegates to cave for Obama. Regardless of whoever gets the nomination, we will be a united Party come November. Come to think of it, Senator Clinton has stated this unequivocally many times while Senator Obama has said in press conferences that he was not sure his supporters would unite behind Senator Clinton. Coupled with Michelle Obama's wavering on the question on whether she would support Senator Clinton if she wins the nomination, it calls into question which campaign is more comfortable with a split in the Party...

In a previous post, entitled Blacklisted, Jehmu writes:
Senator Obama is a great man who has and will continue to do great things for our country. It is unfortunate that some of his supporters believe I am a race traitor for endorsing Senator Clinton. That type of thinking has no place in America. African Americans should not be treated differently because of the color of their skin and neither should Senator Clinton. I'm proud to be voting my race...the human race.

As Jehmu pointed out on O'Reilly this past week: the liberal elitists at Kos seem to forget Obama can't and won't get elected in the general election (and possibly at the Democratic convention) without Hillary supporters — whom they seem gleefully happy to attack in the same way Hillary has been attacked by the good ole boys (and their kiss-butt girls) in the media as well as by the Hope & Unity's candidate's very own supporters. Jehmu is living proof of that.

Jehmu Greene's blog entries: Wrath of Kos is here. Blacklisted is here.

LATE UPDATE: here's a perfect example of the snide condescension, elitist and patronizing attitudes of Obama supporters found not only on all the cable faux news nattering nabob outlets and DailyKos, but everywhere, including chats on the Washington Post:

Washington: The Clinton coalition seems to be aging white women, white men with limited education, Hispanics, and gay men and women. Is that enough voters to get elected president?

Jonathan Weisman: I think that's oversimplifying it. She's got a lot of women. That's more than half the electorate. And her support among working class whites should not be dismissed as uneducated voters. They are the mainstay of the Democratic Party.

Oversimplifying indeed. And that's about the least offensive snide remark I've seen from any Obamamaniac.

from the WP Post Politics chat here.


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