Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama Now Has a Growing 'White Problem' Thanks to Pastor Wright

Poll shows Rev. Jeremiah Wright hurting Barack Obama

More proof that journalists have been lazy and overtly biased and caught up in Obamamania. The first tape in question about "God Damn America" has been in existence since September 2001.

Before going into hysterics: Anyone who stopped for a moment to think/empathize with the experiences of black folks in America and US history could understand how Wright could say what he said. And Obama has distanced himself (although you would think he would have had the judgment to understand this would be a problem when he first started to think about running for president.)

Given all that, I do sadly think Wright's anti-Hillary comments indicated an appalling lack of acknowledgment of and disregard for the effects of sexism in our culture, especially regarding what Hillary has endured for 15+ years. That's disappointing as well.

However, as they say, "With Friends Like These..."the republican and right-wing 527s are going to have a field day if Obama is the democratic nominee. That will very possibly lose him the election, if not the democratic nomination. I'll be interested to see how he handles it going forward. It's a big problem and it won't go away easily: that seems clear.

What also seems clear is that the old identity politics, politics of 'victimization', who's suffered more, politics of 'essentialism', are/is not going to sit well with the majority of voters, who happen to be white. That path can only benefit John McCain and the Republicans.

Regarding the Judgement/Judgment to be President issue: I also have to wonder why the Obama campaign didn't have the judgment to have seen this coming long before now.

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