Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where Obama Has Already Won Change: Campaigning and Campaign Staffs

One thing I wholeheartedly admire about Senator Barack Obama and his presidential campaign: his willingness to change the nature of campaigning, campaign teams and transforming presidential campaigns overall.

While I still think that all things consideredere, Hillary would make the best president for now, I think there is much to be admired about (and learned from) Senator Obama and his campaign management. I would love for him to be President — in eight years, after two terms of Hillary (or should the unthinkable happen) in four years if the repugs win in '08 (it is the dems' election to lose and they will have to screw the pooch royally in order to lose). I still prefer a Hillary-Obama in 2008 ticket. I still do not think the 'super delegates' should be awarded to Hillary in back-room machinations if the majority of democratic primary/caucus voters have chosen Obama.

His team has out-thought, out-smarted, out-strategized and out-campaigned team Hillary almost every step of the way since things really got underway. They are adaptable and innovative; capable of changing their strategies and making the needed changes. They actually had a plan and strategy beyond Super-Tuesday. Clinton did not. Clinton's team apparently kept little notice of all its expenditures nor the effect of Soliz-Doyle on 'outsiders' — perhaps that's a willingness to delegate and not micro-manage, but that's delegation at the expense of Senator Clinton herself (too much Bill, too much McAuliffe, too much Carvile). And it ultimately reflects poorly on her decision to go with the 'ole-boys' old-style/yesterday's politics masterminds and in that regard, gives me serious pause about Clinton's choices, i.e. old vs. new, stale vs. innovative, hope vs. ... not hope? Not feeling the love today.

More to come...a work in progress.

Footnote: Without a doubt, one of the worst things about the Clinton campaign: Howard Wolfson. The second worst thing: Mark Penn. Ugh. If they think accusing Obama of plagiarism is going to score many points; I simply can't see it. This just seems petty, superficial and stupid. And desperate. Not a good sign. (Talk about 'Old School Politics' — blech.) If that's the best criticism of Obama they can come up with, grabbed at straws have more heft. Double Ugh.

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