Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama also has a growing "Woman" problem

"Bitch is the new black"

Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live

response on SNL:

"Black is the new president, BITCH"

— Tracy Morgan, Saturday Night Live

He says she's his friend and he loves her, but apparently is more than willing to publicly disrespect her by adding "Bitch" to the end of his commentary on SNL. He (rightly) wants respect for black men, himself, Obama, but is more than willing to disrespect women and the amazing, talented Tina Fey in specific.

This kind of attitude is still a major problem in the struggle for respect and understanding between women and men, white feminists and many civil/black rights activists or proponents...a long-standing existing issue that white feminists have actively worked on for a long time (since the 60s), but Tracy Morgan seems not to have a clue; or if he does, he doesn't give a sh*t. Overt and hidden Sexism is still totally acceptable on TV, radio, print, music, comedy, popular culture ... everywhere, while racism is not. Neither should be. I won't even get into the whole sexist thing about Morgan referring to Fey as 'girl' in comparison to referring to any black male as 'boy.' Oy vey.

Again, "with friends like these" .... and all the sexist, misogynistic, agist tripe I've seen plastered all over the internet by Obama supporters (rivaling everything the repugnacons have ever said, published, thought), and the little I've heard from him in the way of denouncing that crap or acknowledging and understanding the concerns, problems, issues challenges faced by women, my willingness to support him has definitely diminished. I'm in a more 'wait and see' place. It's reminiscent of being in a long-term relationship, having done all this 'work' (emotional, behavioral, commnications) to build and improve the relationship only to be disappointed to find out there's no reciprocity. Hard not to be disappointed and disillusioned, if only temporarily. Meanwhile the lying, disingenuous, pro-Obama, Hillary-haters in the press (people like Tweety Matthews) continue to stand by their man while finding every possible way of denigrating Hillary (where's S.C.U.M. when you really, really need them?). :-)

I can't help but believe that Obama is going to have a lot of work to do to convince the women who support Hillary that he and his campaign and administration are not, will not be sexist and agist/ageist (sp?) and will work as much to address the issues of such a large percentage of the population as he says he will do in other areas. ALOT of work to do. If it's not already too late based on the Pastor Problem.

Update: I thought this commenter at got it about right:
classy move by morgan to highlight america’s racism by being a sexist prick.
it’s getting harder to support Obama when rhetoric like this (even in the form of a joke) is being spewed around.
bitch really is the new black.

Sigh....I'm going to watch Kyle XY


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