Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where to find Obama Clinton (Democratic Republican Candidates) Campaign Buttons, Shirts, Hats, Political, Historical, Presidential & Election Memo

This is the Historic Campaign and History-Making Election of our Lifetimes
(certainly of the new 21st Century and of recent times)

Time to hedge your bets and get the campaign gear, buttons, shirts, hats, stickers, pins, mementos (not momentos), memorabilia and collectibles before they disappear into the trash heap of forgotten memories. If you can't find it or the prices are too high at the campaign sites or Better still if you are a bargain hunter and history afficionado, you can now get your political collectibles and candidate support gear at the cheapest bargain basement prices on places like ebay and unique specialty collector's sites. Here's one of those campaign tickets and ideas that coulda/woulda/shoulda, but never happened but you can find tons of campaign, candidate and election collectibles:

Elect Gore Obama 2008 Dream Team Political Collectibles shirts posters buttons pinbacks
Vote Elect Obama buttons political gear collectibles pins Tshirts Vote Elect Hillary Clinton buttons pins stickers T-shirts political gear collectibles
At this particular newly featured campaign and political gear website, election/campaign/political collectors can find new and old, used, never-used, mint, gently worn, old, scrappy and all types of vintage buttons, shirts, caps, stickers, flags, banners not only forBarack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but also for republican candidates, nominees, contenders, also-rans, dropouts, and has-beens such as John McCain, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney.

Likewise there's an impressive selection of vintage political and historical memorabilia — including for past presidents such as Kennedy, Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt,
Ronald Reagan and yes, even Tricky Dick, Richard Nixon himself.

peace poster psychedelic classic symbol anti-war nonviolenceAnd if you're looking for the Anti-War & Peace Sign-Shirts-Earrings-Belly-rings, there are vintage items and memorabilia for icons such as Another Mother for Peace, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, Vets Against the War, as well as cool shirts, posters, jewelry, peace symbols for advocates of non-violence and peace not war at

Strolling Down Memory Lane

Perusing all these vintage campaign, election and historical collectibles sure can bring back memories for those old enough to remember, while enlightening those newly arrived to the political activism world. It's a true combination of the old and the new, a chance to see how much things have changed over the decades (and centuries) in our political history, and also a reminder of "the more things change, the more they stay the same" (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose).

Hillary for President gear buttons shirts posters signed autographed memorabilia collectibles

FDR franklin d roosevelt collectible button collectors items presidential campaign election memorabilia mementos

john f kennedy jfk button collectible historical memorabilia
Obama 2008 button poster change we can believe in

RFK Robert f Bobby Kennedy collectibles mementos historical memorabilia

You can also find plenty of ANTI-the other candidate buttons and political/politics gear, too, some of it quite unsavory. Filed under: Where to find good deals on Obama Clinton (Democratic Republican Candidates) Campaign Buttons, Shirts, Hats, Political, Historical, Presidential & Election Memorabilia & Collector's Items

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