Monday, April 07, 2008

Hillary's Creeping Judgment Problems

See Update: Hospital Story is True
    1. Mark Penn: What the frak took so long to dump this sleezebag?
    2. As I've pondered before: why did she hire/trust/entrust her campaign to him in the first place? (He's easily the equivalent of Dick "among the worst of the worst scumbags in politics" Morris, someone we can credit to the first Clinton campaign for subjecting us to the past 15+ years.)
    3. Finally, what the fracking frak is up with the truthiness of the Bosnia and dying woman/hospital anecdotes — where the frak are her key campaign staff to prevent such carelessness? More proof of incompetence? And if on the off-chance they were there trying to 'vet' every story that comes forth from her mouth (as they should and must), but she overrode their attempts to vet/correct/confirm the information/stories, why didn't she listen to them? Bad judgment due to sleep deprivation? Or something worse than confusion and chaos?

Hardball politics. Supposedly the Clintons not only play them, they helped invent them and they should be prepared for them, too.

Now I remember why I registered as an independent (again), after having signed up with the democrats for a while. Sigh...where is the pragmatic progressive party?

The problem and the reality is, there is no viable alternative. And we the people truly can't afford another republican presidency: especially not their violence, their disregard for human life (excepting the theoretical unborn and the rich), their unquenchable greed, their profiteering from irresponsible wars, their right-wing fascist and pro-corporation judges, and their total destruction of regulations and laws set up to protect working people against the growing, creeping wealth and power of the richest of the rich who are always the biggest beneficiaries of the republicans (as has been well-documented by many, including Kevin Phillips).

Still conceded: Obama has run a much better campaign overall. It doesn't mean however, that Obama's prepared for the republicans. But with all the recent (and cumulative) bone-headed miscalculations and mistakes of the Clinton campaign, I'm not sure they're prepared either. I'm seriously reconsidering (again) whether EITHER democrat is electible much less prepared to head this nation, much less prepared to truly LEAD its citizens. At this point, Obama has a slight edge, but he still has his own serious judgment and electibility problems mired in the muckiness of our racist history and his own issues of disingenuousness.

Doubts creep in and they could have easily been avoided.

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