Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Have Better Internet Security & Safety

Scammers, spoofers, phishers and thieves -- oh My! They're not going away. If anything, they're proliferating.

I keep reading about newbies, seniors and naive kids being scammed on the internet every day. This is a gentle reminder especially for newer users and those seeking higher levels of security for children, family members, elderly parents, folks not as tech savvy — and because of the sheer volume — especially recommended for windows users......or anyone who doesn't know a firewall from a router.

A growing and already huge database of known phish/spoof/fraud scam sites. Add to, report new attempts or search their database of known phish sites/scam emails trying to steal your bank account, credit card, personal information.

Open DNS in conjunction with helps protect against known phish spam spyware porn sites and might possibly help the efficiency of your internet connection at the same time --- extra layer of security (nothing is foolproof) but good idea especially for families with kids (will allow you to block sites, unblock sites or use their default settings)

These are both FREE services BTW.

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