Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary is Right to Fight

After seeing the 'whupping' or 'thumpin' Hillary gave Obama in West Virginia, hearing former Republican Candidate Mike Huckabee and others discuss why Hillary has every right and reason to continue, I've reconsidered and agree: there are very compelling reasons for Hillary to keep pressing on, including:
  1. The same snobs, pundits, elitists in the media and dem party who are calling on Hillary to 'give up' so they can coronate Obama are the very same people who castigated Al Gore for capitulating (giving up) so easily when Bush and the Supremes STOLE the 2000 election.
  2. They're the same people who lamented the bone-headed mistakes, flip-floppery and failure to FIGHT BACK when the extremely arrogant and aloof John Kerry was swift-boated in 2004.
  3. They're the same ones who lamented the lame photo-op buffoonery and soft-on-crime buffoonery of the non-emotive, distant and aloof Michael Dukakis in 1988.
  4. Therefore: Obama must EARN the nomination based on VOTERS not elite anti-democracy democratic party kingmakers -- despite the lazy wishes and desires of the democratic elites (Dean, Pelosi, Reid, et al), the hypocritical, sexist, misogynistic media elites and the Obama campaign to not have to do so. It would be so much easier to just be coronated. That's the republican way. That's not democracy. 
  5. In fact, caucuses aren't a true measure of what voters want either; those results should be viewed with skepticism.
  6. Anything could happen. 
  7. MOST IMPORTANTLY: All the remaining voters and states have a RIGHT to have their votes matter, their voices heard, their votes cast until the nomination has actually been EARNED by any candidate.

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