Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reminder: Some of the Lies of Conservatism, McCain, Republicans

I couldn't help but post this memorable quote from a Washington Post Politics online chat discussing working class voter issues (Who is the Working Class, Anyway?):
Misconceptions: Bush before he became president had less money budgeted for the military and military families than did either Gore or, subsequently, Kerry -- both of whom actually served in a combat zone. Yet military folks voted overwhelmingly for Bush. I bring this up because more and more we see that the reality of what the candidates do flies in the face of what people believe.

Hardly a day goes by that a conservative doesn't say "I'm here to show that the liberals are wrong about there being class warfare between the rich and the poor." Yet, through each Republican administration, the gap between those with wealth and those without widens.

Republicans use every bit of evidence of wealth on the liberal side to say: "They are wealthy. We're just like you, we're not the intellectually elitist. Wouldn't you rather sit down to a beer and barbecue with us?"

Having been born and raised in the country in both the public and private school system, I have been troubled by one question: Since when did stupidity become a virtue in the U.S.?
It pairs very well with this Prescott, Ariz. chatter's reminder of John McCain's actual history of lies, flip-flopping, hypocrisy and unethical behaviors instead of his mythological persona promulgated by the mainstream and right-wing press:
  • Left his ill first wife after multiple affairs; [must have given advice to Newt 'scumbag' Gingrich]
  • participated in the "Keating 5" scandal;
  • gotten so friendly with a young and blonde lobbyist that his staffers felt they had to intervene;
  • [does] legislative favors for the clients of said lobbyist;
  • voted against the "Bush tax cuts" then later supported them;
  • actively courted the support, and made campaign appearances of a man who calls the Catholic Church the "great whore" [personal note: it should actually be called One More Woman-Hating Church of Child Rapists and Pedophiles];
  • constantly blurred the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims even while claiming that foreign policy is his strong suit;
  • admitted he didn't know much about economics.
Timothy Noah: You forgot, "Gave a speech this week about what he was going to do for the working class and then announced tax cuts that benefit almost exclusively the rich."

Here is the full transcript of chat with Timothy Noah of Slate's Chatterbox' and here's his online article .

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