Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama showed his Nixonian Side of Petty Insecurities

...while limping to the finish line.

Soaring rhetoric Blah blah blah. The talking heads and nattering nobob Obama-worshipers at it once more. Obama and his minions had to make sure he was the final territory claiming spotlight and once again unwittingly actually showed his weaknesses, insecurities and utter disrespect to Hillary Clinton (and her supporters).

How hard would it have been to tell his anti-democracy democrat party super delegates to WAIT one day to join the herd and put him in the 'official' nominee category?

How much more generous would it have been to give that speech one day later?

But no, like a dog peeing on a post, he could not restrain himself (much like his impulse-driven preacher friends and mentors).

I think it all ultimately says far more about him -- along with his pandering and lofty but extremely non-specific, oratory. And it's not flattering.

Nixonian and ungenerous indeed.

He and the democrat elites don't give a crap about 18 million voters. If he doesn't offer the Veep slot to Hillary, I'll be writing in Clinton in November.

Meanwhile: lots of reports, including from NoQuarter, that a video of Michelle Obama joining with Louis Farrakhan in a total blaming dis of whitey will be released tomorrow; others say the republicans will hold onto it for an October surprise.

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