Friday, June 06, 2008

Join the Movement to Boycott MSNBC NBC Russert Matthews Olbermann....

The unrelenting ranting, raving, spewing, hate-Hillary hysteria by so many in the press and the backroomers at the DNC/democrat national committee continues. At the very least we can take simple but concrete action which targets the main spewers of what one commenter called the unrelenting mysogynistic nightfest at MSNBC.

Take action against biased media, especially the knuckle-dragging slugs at MSNBC & NBC; join the boycott against Russert, Matthews, Olbermann, and their Obaminions.

It's time to make waves.

You can get the free code to post the banner above at

Related: Savage Politics had some very interesting and very provocative commentary, including:

This entire election has been a sham. An almost comical farce in which the Mainstream Media, along with the ideological Left fringes within the Democratic Party have decided AHEAD OF TIME, who should become President of the United States. In this manner, and with full knowledge and intent, they have decided to re-write history, dismiss entire demographics, and besmirch the reputation of countless individuals, for the sake of political power and the ‘almighty dollar’. .... this election is NOT about the Clintons’, it is about AMERICA. It is about SELF RESPECT.

ALL Americans must understand that the Media and the Democratic Party did not insult Hillary Clinton as a person, they insulted what she REPRESENTED to all of her supporters. They insulted her ‘CLASS’: White Women (and men) in particular, and Latinos in general. These two important groups were told by countless pundits that their power was minimal, that they did not matter in the “grand scheme of things”, that Latinos and Whites were being “racists” when they voted for a White woman by 60%, while they simultanously characterized other groups (AA) who voted for Obama by 90% as “informed and motivated by the issues”. Many democratic insiders (Brazile et al) wrote columns in which they made the ridiculous case that Latinos and Whites were not as important as young and Black voters, and that “they can stay home” in November if they wish. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have overplayed their hand too far.

Wow. I didn't hear or read the stay at home part anywhere, but this message from the DNC, the Obama campaign and Obama supporters has been loud and clear and continues to be that way: We don't need you, we don't care what you want/need/think. Go away. Stay away. Stay home. Whatever.

Better yet: write in Hillary in November.

Complete post at Savage Politics

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