Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reasons why the Dems are STILL likely to blow it in 2008: part of a continuing series

Reasons why the Dems are very likely to blow it in 2008 (unless they make some major attitude -- & leadership -- adjustments):

Exemplar #1 Democratic Senator Harry Reid: Talking on MSNBC to the courageous and brilliant Keith Olbermann around 10:35 EST. Reid said "I'm so glad the American people listened to us on Iraq" and all these important issues.

WRONG WRONG WRONG! There you go again Harry! Proving that arrogance, narcissism and hubris are more than ever the inherent ugly non-beating deadened heart of post-modern political culture -- the ever-growing culture of corruption (the corruption of absolute power ala Lord Acton), the hubris and arrogance that afflicts BOTH parties.

Harry really doesn't get it -- (Michael Kinsley had a great piece in WP & the Guardian today entitled "Thank God I Voted First" about the Pelosi version of this bullshit.)

Nance, Harry -- you guys really truly better learn to LISTEN to WE the PEOPLE -- us, the voters, the voices, the plain ole working citizens who really are sick and tired of the crap.

And if they don't learn that lesson within the next few weeks -- the Dems will go down in flames in 2008 -- and they will deserve to.

Meanwhile the repugnacons have it even worse with their assholes: John McCain continues to 'flip flop' twist, contort and lie (most disingenuously) out of both sides of his mouth -- such as blaming the coarse, crude, racist ads on 527s but not mentioning that they came from his own party.

And now Kenny "queer-in-the-closet self-hating-homo power-kissing pansy-boy coward" Mehlman is preaching bipartisanship -- yep, now that they're losing. What a bunch losers and liars alright. Well, if they keep that level of lying and affectation up (things like saying 'newk-yellur', the dems might slide by in '08 -- but only if they keep Kerry on the sidelines and don't turn into the flip-side of the arrogant power-over coin. (I sincerely have my doubts that either side is capable of authentic redemption as a party -- they simply crave power OVER and revenge instead of solving problems and power sharing WITH and on BEHALF.

The ambition, greed, lust for power in these people is so naked and transparent -- and from now on it will be on full display (for anyone who chooses to remove the blinders).

But I really get the feeling this nation is beyond sick of ALL the disingenousness, lying, inauthenticiy and crap -- I sure hope so!)...and this election may have the effect of empowering regular people to take back the power.

The game is afoot. And yet: They all make me sick.


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