Tuesday, October 24, 2006

(unsolicited) Advice for the Dems

In honor of Will Rogers: I don't belong to any organized political party, I'm a democrat....well, I used to be. I'm not sure if I'm really a democrat or a left-leaning, pragmatic independent. I'm totally disgusted with the scuzziness of the dem party which has abandoned its working class roots to party with wall street and hollywood availing themselves of high salaries, speaking fees, free travel and other perks happily doled out by lobbyists to whoever has power regardless of party affiliation.

Meanwhile during the election season it seems to me the Dems forget to use their 'disorganiztion' and lack of unity as one of their most appealing strong points. They should do that while pointing out more of their fundamental philosophical beliefs and how the ir differences with the Repubs affect people's lives in real ways: like health care, education, low (going lower) wages and income, higher interest, higher gas prices, etc...

Yes the dems are less successful at crafting and IMPOSING a single unified message -- but this is evidence that they value differences of opinion and thought -- and most of all that they trust the American people to think for themselves. In contrast the republicans (especially this admin) are CONTROL FREAKS and miss nosy posies sticking their noses everwhere and into everything when they have no business doing so. (the dems should use the church lady to scold the repubs in commercials showing their hypocrisy and contradictions -- a less brainy and ironic version of stephen colbert).

The repugs say they are for individual freedoms but they've done more to restrict them for US citizens than has ever occurred before. Reality: The republicans are first and foremost all about power and control (controlling the money, the message, imposing morality all while dancing to a different tune and following different rules for themselves....)

The dems should ask: who would you rather have: control freaks who are completely incompetent and historically more corrupt than any administration and congress, control freaks who can't stomach dissent and who demand blind loyalty with unblinking obedience to authority (heil cheney!) OR a somewhat disorganized party which may be less unified and monolithic but who follow in the footsteps of the American founders' tradition of being independent thinkers who resent government intrusion into private lives and minds.

I just think the dems are being too much of the 'me too' party and not enough of the 'look at the implications, contradictions and hypocrisy of the right wing republicans' party and who fail to ask: why would you reward them for such incompetence and hypocrisy?

just my 2 cents off the top of my head on an early morning .... tired of the spin ...


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