Monday, October 02, 2006

Rice: Another Liar with a Failure of Imagination

condi rice is a liar rice lied about warning condaleeza lied forgot liarFrom the National Security Advisor who stated that 'no one could have imagined' those bad ole terrorists would fly huge jets into tall buildings and heatedly swore and has proclaimed that no one told her anything about any terrorist plot that was about to happen in the summer of 2001.

Oh sorry -- I forgot that she forgot ...... Bush forgot, Cheney forgot, Rummy forgot, Hastert forgot, Allen forgot. Man, they must be suffering from collective, convenient forgetfulness -- either that or signs that dementia and Alzheimer's are rampant in the Nation's Capital/the Capitol/D.C.

Or maybe they're just liars. Either way, more bad news for the repugnacons, party of theocrats, pedophiles and power-worshiping hypocrites.

From the Washington Post:

Tenet Recalled Warning Rice
Former CIA Chief Told 9/11 Commission of Disputed Meeting
By Dan Eggen and Robin Wright

Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, October 3, 2006; Page A03

Former CIA director George Tenet told the 9/11 Commission that he had warned of an imminent threat from al-Qaeda in a July 2001 meeting with Condoleezza Rice, adding that he believed Rice took the warning seriously, according to a transcript of the interview and the recollection of a commissioner who was there.

Tenet's statements to the commission in January 2004 confirm the outlines of an event in a new book by Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward that has been disputed by some Bush administration officials. But the testimony also is at odds with Woodward's depiction of Tenet and former CIA counterterrorism chief J. Cofer Black as being frustrated that "they were not getting through to Rice" after the July 10, 2001, meeting. turns out that the panel was, in fact, told about the meeting, according to the interview transcript and Democratic commission member Richard Ben-Veniste, who sat in on the interview with Tenet. The meeting was not identified by the July 10 date in the commission's best-selling report.

...At one point in the lengthy session, Tenet recalled a briefing he was given on July 10 by Black and his staff, according to the transcript. He said the information was so important that he quickly called for a car and telephoned Rice to arrange for a White House meeting to share what he had just learned, according to the transcript and Ben-Veniste.

According to the transcript, Tenet told Rice there were signs that there could be an al-Qaeda attack in weeks or perhaps months, that there would be multiple, simultaneous attacks causing major human casualties, and that the focus would be U.S. targets, facilities or interests. But the intelligence reporting focused almost entirely on the attacks occurring overseas, Tenet told the commission.

It was at this session that Tenet said "the system was blinking red," which became a chapter title in the commission report, according to the official who saw the transcript.

The shoes of doom keep a-dropping.

Full story here; related: here .

washington post misspells tenant's name as tenetAnd in case you think I can't spell George Tenet/Tenant's name correctly, the WP has it spelled Tenet as above. However, I wasn't sure if it was Tenet or Tenant myself since I've seen both (just do a search). But I figured they'd certainly most likely have it spelled correctly at the CIA.

Rice Lied Rice forgot Rice misremembered Tenant Tenet CIA 911 Commission Woodward Washington Post WP


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