Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Take Harry Reid....PuhLeeeeeeease! Somebody?

Harry Reid = Barney Fife?Maybe he's a brilliant strategist. No wait. He's definitely not that, not for the dems as a whole. Maybe he's brilliant when it comes to winning in the state of Nevada. Maybe he can raise funds. Great. Keep him doing that.

But for gawd's sake. Until after the elections: Somebody keep him out of the public eye, off of future news interviews or PR encounters where more than five people will hear him -- like tonight on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS. Pathetic. Pitiful. Poop-like.

If Reid represents the 'leadership' wing of the Democratic party (and I don't mean Howard dimwit Dean or Nancy pitiful Pelosi!!!!!!! ...if they can't humbly send somebody who is more direct, articulate and 'leader-like' -- Dianne Feinstein anybody? Barbara Boxer? Jack Murtha -- HELLO????????? instead of giving us more of Reid who sounds like a combination of a damn equivocating fearful hazy clueless CPA and typical smarmy snake oil pol ...) OMG!!!!!!

NBC/Wall Street Journal's poll released today indicated that 42% of repondents think it's troubling that the dems don't have a 'plan' to win or change things in Iraq. Only 37% were concerned that the lying sneaking thieving Republicans don't have a plan!

The Dems don't have a plan or a message or a clue apparently.

Just simply more ineptness from the party who can't shoot 'straight' (so-to-speak) or speak like they mean it, or believe what they're saying, or even know what one consistent PRO-ACTIVE leader-like message is -- fricking-A. They no longer know what leadership is. They deserve to lose again if they continue to simply be 'not the republicans.'
I say to both parties: Go to hell. Hurry.

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At September 13, 2006 7:50 PM, Blogger copy editor said...

Who the hell is General Shide?


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