Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wing Nut Rag Calls on Hastert to Resign Immediately

Even the Reverend Moon's pitiful 100,000 circulation right-wing propaganda rag Washington Times is calling for Hastert to resign in an editorial published today 10/3/06 entitled "Resign, Mr. Speaker."

You can hear the proverbial fan being hit from all directions and all the slinging that's just begun as the corrupticons take cover.

Meanwhile Matt Drudge is among those right-wing holier-than-thou republican self-hating homo-
closet-types trying to 'blame the victim' as noted by several at HuffingtonPost here and here.

Finally, Eugene Robinson from the WP said some things particularly well in his column "No Spinning Past this Scandal":
Hastert doesn't remember ever being told of any problem with Foley, but others remember telling him about the e-mail incident. That's one of the questions -- What did I know, and when did I know it? -- that Hastert wants investigators to get to the bottom of. Eventually. Certainly after the November elections.

Former speaker Newt Gingrich suggested over the weekend that House leaders may have worried last year that if they pursued the Foley matter, they'd be "accused of gay-bashing." Clearly, in terms of his spinning skills, Gingrich has lost a step.

The issue was whether a congressman was having improper communications with a child, not whether the congressman was gay; it would have been just as troubling if the e-mail had been sent to a female page. And anyway, it's a little late for the Republicans to denounce gay-bashing after raising it to an art form.

I don't know whether the Republicans will lose control of the House this fall, but I know that they deserve to. That judgment has nothing to do with party politics; there have been times when the Democrats were in control and allowed Congress to sink to a similar level of corruption. But that's surely where we are now, and since the Republicans are the ones in charge, they're the ones who deserve the blame.
You go Eugene!

Can't wait to see some of the takes -- skewers -- (Daily Show maybe? ... Olbermann's and Bill Maher's should be great!) of Bill O'Reilly's half-assed attempted feigned righteous indignation during his stumbling mumbling meandering hypocritical uncomfortable ridiculous discussion of the
Foley scandal with Michelle Malkin and some other right wing apologist blonde (not Coulter). What an unknowing unintentional self-satire by one more disingenuous jerk and sexual harasser stalker -- funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Update from the LA Times as to just how serious the FBI and republican controlled government are about investigating Foley's despicable behavior: "As of late Monday, the FBI had not requested access to the computers in Foley's former congressional office."

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At October 19, 2006 2:47 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

Wow! I was dierected here by WordPress. It is amazing how hard some people are working to gloss over the 'facts' of the Foley scandal, as you present them so well. Part of it may be 'scandal overload'. Everyone seems to fell held hostage by American commerce and politics, i.e: "I will give you something of less value than you deserve, of less value than is an honorable exchange, because you have no choice but to accept the bureaucracy, health care system, warranty on my computer, television, ipod - whatever. Until, at the end, we are held ransom for a diminishing pool of value - and there is the decline and fall of our great empire.


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