Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progressive Democratic Recommendations for Florida Judges

Vote for the Judges (and other candidates) who are not supported by the right-wing fundamentalists!

I have been shocked and disappointed to not be able to discover any progressive or democratic voter guides on Florida the amendments -- but most importantly -- progressive / democratic recommendations on the judges in the state of Florida.

(the democratic party recommends a straight party ticket -- well DUH! That's a real helpful obvious choice but judges don't have party affiliations)

Anyway, the best advice I have received is to review what the right-wingers are recommending and go the opposite direction!

One such source for radical rightwing theocracy-loving christian fundamentalists comes from the so-called Florida Family Policy Council which endorses right wing fundamentalist theocratic principles and would be happy to impose their fascist ideology on all Floridians, indeed, all US citizens (and throughout the world for that matter).

You can find their 2006 Voter Guides in PDF format at and these are the Florida County by County Voter Guides Remember to review carefully and vote no on the ones they support and no on the ones they try to show in a bad light. (it's confusing, take your time getting it right)

It's obvious they support all Republicans by the type and amount of information they provide. Read carefully.

But, not being a Floridian by citizenship nor knowing Florida cases or case law, to me some of the language is intentionally obtuse and confusing because they don't (and legally CAN'T) come right out and say "we endorse so and so" -- they indicate whether a candidate supports certain cases or certain positions and they use the statement that certain judges/justices "merit retention."

So those who are more familiar with Florida cases can perhaps enlighten me as to what some of the language means and what the progressive positions on the cases are.

Meanwhile the South, especially Tennessee will prove they prefer to remain stuck in a pre-1950s mindset instead of joining the 21st century. How surprising.

Get out there and VOTE and don't take NO for an answer because the vote suppressors and vote stealers are actively trying to deny your right (and responsibility) to participate as a citizen in changing what's happening to our country.

And I've already heard of voter suppression -- well-known, totally expected -- occurring in Jacksonville. No body down here seems to have a clue how to help voters or get out the vote.

No wonder the democrats continue to lose in this state and so many others that have been given over to the right wing and repubs!!!

And remember, if the right wingers are for 'em, don't go there!

I'll try to update further if I find any additional information about this stuff.


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