Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Real Karl Rove ... (HINT: isn't really all that complicated)

Pundits, analysts and journalists are all atwitter over Karl's possible October surprise. They're all wondering 'what does Karl know that we don't'?

I have a different take -- a more critical analysis of how victims of bullies, brutes and taunters become so obsessed (and identified) with their bullies, victimizers and torturers that they choose to join them instead of standing up to them. In my take, Karl is the ultimate coward and pitiful figure for just such behavior. Much like war captives who become lackeys for their imprisoners -- they deserve but little pity and no respect.

In my analysis of how Karl really became this presidential wunderkind, the focus should finally be on outing how victims like Karlie boy become victimizers instead of standing up for the powerless.

Karl is the poster boy for Stockholm Syndrome -- so identified with the brutality of his tormentors with 'power over' others that internalized self-hate, bullying and victimization have been turned into a political artform. It's a truism that victims have learned how to be victimizers. The question is whether their souls, hearts and minds have been infiltrated, tainted and spoiled to the degree that they become sociopaths and psychopaths -- (sometimes they choose more economically, politically and socially rewarding paths ala Karl) -- OR if from the victimization emerges a resolute steeliness to become a courageous advocate with and for both self and the oppressed. The moral (and intellectual) quandary becomes: Stand up for victims and survivors or continue perpetuating the injustice and brutality?

In Karl's case it's obvious: he much preferred identifying and allying with the brutal bullies who would have knocked him around, teased him, called him 'pantywaist', 'sissyboy', 'fag' and much worse no doubt (after all, his late father was queer). So sleeping (metaphorically speaking of course) with the brutes and moving forward in that zombie-like, submissive zealful dedication to the master was (is) to people like Karl far more appealing than continuing to be the target of mean-spirited bullies -- bullying, now there's something the repugthacons, extremsits and evangelical, homophobic, xenophobic right-wing nuts have perfected -- and no doubt, that's exactly what could have happened to turdblossom (who but bullies come up with names like that anyway?). It seems pretty clear Karl is not the stuff of which heroes are made -- quite the contrary.

So, when they speak glowingly and admiringly of Karl -- maybe we shouldn't be so eager to accept the glib skimming of the surface.

Of note: Froomkin's take on Bush/Rove's Desperate Times in White House Briefing

And borrowing a great quote from a poster in the online chat with the Post's Eugene Robinson today -- a strategy directly engineered by Rove (see above for why/how this supports my analysis):

"The only thing the President has to offer is fear itself."

Michael Abramowitz of WP posted an article from Texas that further supports the Bush-Rove strategy is to instill fear -- to be dividers, not uniters -- not to create solutions -- for all the problems they've caused (see "It's the Incompetence, Stupid). And Bill Mon has some worthwhile musings too.

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