Sunday, April 22, 2007

Brownback: Mentally Deranged Have a Right to Bear Arms, Women DON'T Have a Right NOT to Bear Children

Today with Wolfie:

Right-wing Brownback reiterates his repugneocon hypocritical commitment to the standard fascicratic right wing nutjob woman/child/people-hating beliefs:

Force women to bear children who can be murdered during unjust, illegal, mendacious wars abroad or by gun nuts & wackos after they're here.

Protect gun owners but not women, children, mentally ill, sick, disabled, elderly, poor ...

because Brownback is among those that only actually value theoretical life while in-utero. Fuhgeddaboutit once actually born — then you'll have total second-amendment rights for gun-totin' and head-blowin'-off!

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