Thursday, April 12, 2007

CBS Radio to Imus: Buh-bye Bigot!

Heads up alert: Breaking News.
Imus shown the CBS Radio door. Finally.

Don't let it hit your racist sexist misogynistic homophobic totally bigoted prejudiced ass on the way out the door disingenuous dirtbag!

Don't have all the details yet. Does this mean he and his henchmen (lynchmen?) KKK rightwing nutjob bigotry promoting point-headed sheet-wearing sidekicks McCord and McGuirk (and Rosenberg) are also gone from CBS Radio? And that all are gone from the flagship station of WFAN in NYC? That's not completely clear as of this writing.

More details to follow.

You see? We can accomplish change when we all work together!

Power to the people.

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