Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two Top Artists Cancel Their Appearances on Imus?

Mary Chapin Carpenter and Patti Smith have apparently quietly cancelled their April appearances on the Imus show. As late as the Tuesday, April 10 edition of the MSNBC-Imus enewsletters, Imus and MSNBC were promoting the April 11 and April 20 appearances of Carpenter and Smith respectively. However, the April 11 edition of the newsletter (sent out approximately 5:00PM on the 10th) no longer had references to either Carpenter or Smith.

The Imus Show appearance is no longer on Carpenter's website although it was previously listed there according to the google cache dated April 4.

Carpenter's new CD is "The Calling" — while Smith was set to perform songs from her new offering "Twelve." Both are known for being politically progressive as well as for their artistry and incredible music.

Numerous major advertisers including Staples, Proctor & Gamble and Bigelow Tea have pulled their ads due to the racist, sexist, misogynist statements (and lame apologies and excuses) by Imus, which were instigated by his producer Bernard McGuirk. Republican presidential candidates John McCain and Rudy Guiliani, as well as the current administration have indicated their public support for Imus.

Gretchen Wilson is still listed in the the April 11 newsletter as the live performer scheduled for May 10. Her new CD is entitled (ironically enough) "One of the Boys."

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