Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus No Longer to be Simulcast on MSNBC

Imus has been daring MSNBC to boot him for several years; apparently he got his wish. NBC news with Brian Williams, as reported by Rehema Ellis: the President of the NBC News Division (which oversees MSNBC), Steve Capus, has decided and announced tonight that as guardians of the NBC News Division name, Don Imus is no longer welcome on MSNBC.

Imus has derided MSNBC and associated NBC managers for years bullying and calling their staff, employees all sorts of put-downs/names and criticizing them, causing visible tensions — to the point that last summer staff celebrated the summer hiatus of the Imus program and had a countdown bemoaning the Imus show return in the fall.

Time for WFAN and CBS Radio to step up to the plate. They've had their run; time for it all to end. The world has changed. See previous entry on how to contact them.

MSNBC/NBC story here.

Footnote 1: Jossip has done a good job of documenting the flap resulting from the bigot's unconscionable slurs and corporate media's slowness to take action (because they have made so much money from this crap).

Footnote 2: Steve Capus — not a very impressive decider or leader. In fact, during a just-held interview with David Gregory on Spitball (hardball) it sounded very much like Mr. Capus would have been happy to allow the Imus Show's business-as-usual to continue — he's a self-avowed Imus fan — but apparently he was pressured from above to discontinue the relationship.

Boos to Steve Capus, thus to MSNBC, NBC: thumbs down, jeers, poop-head award, typical white male privilege, etc. Hard evidence of extremely poor leadership which allowed and countenanced the bigoted behavior for as long as it was allowed to go on. Steve Capus: Hope you're the next to go down for poor leadership, perpetuating bigotry and failing to be a leader with a backbone you spineless coward.

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