Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Speak UP! Send Feedback to CBS Radio, WFAN, MSNBC, NBC

Tell CBS Radio what you think about the latest in sexist, racist, misogynistic Imus crap:

Tell WFAN sports radio which employs knuckle dragging KKKers Bernard McGuirk, Charles McCord and Sid Rosenberg — the ones who frequently instigate and truly believe the vile crap which spews out of the Imus show and the CBS Radio programs: (go to the Instant Fan feedback form).

Tell MSNBC what they can do with Imus. You can find snail mail addresses at or send an email

Tell NBC here

Don't forget to tell them that you are aware that the usual Imus knuckle-dragging right-wing pointy-headed sheet-wearing sidekicks: McGuirk, McCord and Rosenberg are a major part of the problem too.

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