Monday, February 20, 2006

China's internet censorship efforts aided & abetted by Yahoo and other internet giants reports on a chance for concerned citizens to interact and chat online, offer feedback, opinions and questions regarding China's internet censorship which has been effectively promoted and supported by Yahoo, Microsoft and others for profit:

Washington Post will have a live online chat on China's efforts to censor the internet which will be led by Rebecca Mackinnon, former CNN Beijing Correspondent and a fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society who now writes the blog Global Voices Online. Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 2pm.

Footnote/UPDATE: While we're at it we should all be more than concerned about this administration's actions to censor, remove, 'classify' and delete what once were public documents prior to Bush taking office. The removal began in January of 2001, as soon as he took office, not after 9-11 as many purport (documents, databases, articles, research and more -- funded by the citizens -- on topics like nonviolent parenting, effects of spanking and other forms of family violence, domestic violence, gay-lesbian issues, child development, parenting education, teaching/teachers, mental health, public and community health, AIDS, addiction and millions of pieces of many other 'innocuous' non-defense related, formerly public materials have been DELETED by this administration simply because they didn't conform to the right-wing, fundamentalist belief system).

And of course, little or no press coverage/context/investigation or holding this administration accountable. Have we lost the fourth estate? (collectively, not all, there are some notable, little-heard/read exceptions) Will they continue to fail in their duty to protect and inform the citizenry about the actions of their government and power holders? Who watches the watchers indeed?

There may be some rousing to an awakened state among the slumbering sheep -- with Bill Moyers at the forefront. Recommended reading:


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