Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boo Hoo Hoo! The Military Chiefs Got Their Feelings Hurt.

Once again, instead of dealing with the legitimate issues raised by FREE SPEECH in the form of a political cartoon which criticizes the Imperial Prez & his Imperial Court Jesters, the 'Just Following Orders' Gang at one of the higher rungs of the ladder known as the Military Industrial War Profiteering (especially for Halliburton) Machine Complex would rather point their fingers and wag their tongues at the messenger while draping their scoundrel selves in the politically expedient refuge of patriotism, flags and apple pie.

The Joint Chiefs sent this 'misses-the-point' we - are - whiney - victims - further - sacrificing - the - brave - soldiers - on - the - ground - by - using - them - as - our - shields letter to the editor here.

Excerpts from Howie Kurtz's newest WaPo column:

Dave Autry, deputy communications director for Disabled American Veterans, said he was "certainly not" offended by the cartoon.

"It was graphic, no doubt about it," he said. "But it drove home a point, that there are critically ill patients that certainly need to be attended to."

..."It is the nature of cartooning that someone can read an analogy a cartoon uses to mean things other than what was intended," Toles said. "The only way to avoid that problem is to draw [political] cartoons that have no impact."
And that's just the way the GOP likes it.

Kurtz's analysis of the dust-up over the Tom Toles cartoon at WaPo here.


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