Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Froomkin's Back on the Beat -- YAY!!!!! (and he's a new dad!)

What a breath of fresh air this guy, Dan Froomkin, is and how wonderful to have him back at the Washington Post (sleep-deprived as he may be). He jumped right into the fray with a rip-roaring live-online chat here and he's not afraid to engage with WaPo readers about what concerns them (see the conversations and links there about the recent skirmishes regarding the so-called 'ombudsperson' who seems less to espouse readers' concerns than those of WaPo management). With no excuses for the cuss-heavy personal attacks (most of which could have easily been filtered out with the right comment-filtering software used at many sites), as usual, Dan has an insightful, reasoned and alternative take on the whole matter.

In addition, his newest column (after a fur dry spell changing diapers, tendin' the newborn son and the new momma) is so much more to the point about the Corporate Honcho/Imperial Prez & GOP's " radical vision of what [Bush] calls an ownership society" than anything the feckless dems have gathered up the wits, brains or nerve to say:

...what is on the one hand [a claim of] individual empowerment is on the other an attack on collective values that are key to a society's ability to protect its weakest and most vulnerable members.
Read his entire colum "Another Shot at the Safety Net" here. Welcome back, Dan.


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