Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Celebrities

I only caught the smallest sliver (that's really all I could stomach) of the Golden Globes, the beginnings of another unending season of self-congratulatory Hollywood Narcissorgiafests.

The biggest surprise: It's pronounced An-Tunnee Hopkins, not AnTHony -- who knew? None of us regular folks until Gwynneth Paltrow (Apple's mom) let us in on that little known tidbit.

Thanks oh skinny one!

[Note: I do love great film and 'the movies' in general, I confess. Hopkins and the brilliant and talented Emma Thompson are simply stunning in The Remains of the Day. The entire movie is gorgeous and seductive while gently exposing the dalliances of British elites with the disgusting, inexcusable corrosiveness the world came to know as fascism and nationalist socialism (Nazis) perpetrators of the holocaust -- told primarily through the lives of the serving class. There is one small, intimate scene which is a movie-history moment for its portrayal of the paralyzing constraints of propriety accompanied by inarticulated desires, a deep longing for intimacy, insurmountable loss -- so powerful in its heartbreaking moment of tenderness, fear, rejection, closeness, distance and devastating love all at the same moment.]


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