Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rosanne Cash: one of the best, most underappreciated artists of a generation (or any generation for that matter)

Don't miss this NYT article and interview with Rosanne Cash (yes, Johnny's daughter). Can't wait to hear her new CD: Black Cadillac, certain to be a career notable if only because it deals with the aftermath and loss of her father and stepmother, June Carter Cash, and her own mother, Vivian Liberto.

Her best three albums/CDs prior to this IMHO are: The groundbreaking Interiors, The Wheel, and 10-Song Demo -- an artistic, musical tryptich not to be missed. And "Seven Year Ache" stands on its own as an outright American Classic.

Yep, has her own eponymous website, too -- better than the average self-promoting star sites which are rarely if ever written by celebrities themselves -- she is a writer of books and articles as well as songs, and she writes in her own words and voice there, too. You can listen to the title and two other cuts from the new album at the Capitol website. 'I Was Watching You' is clearly among her best ever. Especially love the guitar work on House on the Lake, too.


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