Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just Another 'Bubble-Head in the Sand' SOTU

Once again, Froomkin has his pulse on reality:

I for one was most interested in whether the speech would originate from within Bush's protective bubble -- where he doesn't have to face ugly realities -- or from without.
This is one of the SOTU throw-away lines that seems to have gotten little or no analysis by the tongue-wagging, butt-kissing pundits, analysist and spinners ("Spitball" anyone?):

What the President said: "Keeping America competitive requires affordable health care."

What the Republicans did: (APPLAUSE)

What the President meant: "Keeping Americans believing in the myth of 'affordable' health care is actually a privilege which only the rich truly deserve (since they can afford it) and everybody else has to scramble and beg and go bankrupt for, and if they can't afford it too bad 'cause it just means all my rich fat cat buddies like Senator-Doctor Frist, the Health Care Corporate Industrial Complex, (including the Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies) will continue to get rich, richer and richest at the expense of all you idiots who keep believing that 'free markets' for health care services has any legitimacy at all (you suckers!)."

What the President said: "Our government has a responsibility to help provide health care for the poor and the elderly, and we are meeting that responsibility."

What the Republicans did: (APPLAUSE)

What the audience, especially the Dems, and Americans everywhere should have done: ROTFLMAO

The ugly reality the Imperial Prez would rather ignore, does not understand, has no interest in understanding much less doing anything about: "Keeping America competitive requires keeping Americans HEALTHY, EDUCATED and EMPLOYED (at living, decent wages while covered by health care and retirement benefits like most competitive industrial nations).

Go to hell Bubble Boy.


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