Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Angels of Peace Will Carry Coretta Scott King to a Blessed Reunion

To read a better accounting and honoring of Corretta Scott King than anything I could ever write about this strong, committed, pro-peace, anti-violence, pro-justice, anti-war, civil rights icon and role model for ANY era (now more than ever), please follow this link.

Eugene Robinson also has a tribute entitled "No One Will Fill Her Shoes" and some timely thoughts at WaPo.

Mrs. King will be remembered deeply in this writer's heart and mind along with many other role models, thinkers, writers, heroes and heroines who have helped inspire a southern white woman to stand in solidarity and work against injustice, racism, poverty (and all forms of ignorance and violence), including Miss Fannie Lou Hamer from my own original home state. As Maya Angelou once graciously said when I sheepishly told her I was originally from Mississippi, "Honey, it's all the South here."

Amen to that (unfortunately and inexcusably). And a deep, inexpressible thank you to both Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Corretta Scott King forever.

Updated: See also Wil Haygood's piece entitled "A Sisterhood of Support: The Pillars of Civil Rights" here.


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