Friday, December 19, 2008

Yay for Soliz, Boo for Warren: Obama Disappoints Again on Gay Inclusion

To use the word disappointment in conjunction with Obama's decision to choose Rick Warren for a place of honor during the Inauguration is to greatly understate the feelings and dismay of so many in the Gay and Lesbian community, as well as family members, loved ones, supporters, allies and friends.

Perhaps he should also invite a leader or two to represent some anti-semitic, racist philosophies, organizations and churches. Maybe a Grand Wizard of the KKK to make sure everyone feels 'included' and to 'expand the dialogue' on such a prominent symbolic day. For shame. Truly Pathetic and inexcusable. More proof of his embrace of homophobes and homophobia. The message is clear: To hell with civil rights and inclusion for gay people. The proof is in the deeds, not the words.

Even Shepard Fairey, who created the iconic Hope Change Progress posters for Obama is disgusted. He will donate profits from his Obama Inauguration Poster to Pro-Gay Rights / Pro-Gay Marriage / Anti-Prop 8 efforts.

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