Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Where Does Palm Beach FL Find Their Ballot Designers?

Remember 2000 and the Butterfly Ballot? This year it's the 'Connect the two parts of the arrow' Ballot, again in Palm Beach, FL. It looks like a JOKE but I assure you, it's not.

palm beach 2008 ballot arrow design

Some dim bulb by the name of Dr. Arthur Anderson, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections is apparently responsible for approving this ballot design which is causing lots of 'read errors' and rejects according to at least one news report I caught earlier this evening.

palm beach florida ballot design 2008 sample ballots

Where do they find these bozos? Have they never considered that there are familiar, expected ways that people fill out ballots and forms that should be followed? Best Practices in Ballot Design based on research that someone undoubtedly has done somewhere? Good lord. Some things just don't require creativity but do require common sense. Palm Beach elections officials seem to be in short supply of the latter.

View/download the entire PDF format of the Palm Beach County sample ballot here.

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