Monday, January 01, 2007

Rose Parade -- better-looking on HGTV

Best Rose Parade Coverage visually: HGTV (see Neither CBS nor NBC -- or was it ABC? -- whoever was showing it on the major networks -- have good color saturation. Everything looks drained, washed out. So watching on HGTV is better -- plus no interruptions.

But they still don't have the right commentator combination -- the guys are pretty good -- especially the guy who lives in L.A -- but the other two -- especially the woman -- are duds. The hosts were Paul James, Robb Weller, Karen McAloon. Last year's Joan Steffand was much better than McAloon. The year that Rebecca Coles shared duties was a complete disaster. She was pathetic. Probably about the same as the bimbette from KTLA (keep reading).

HGTV should have leapt at the chance to snag Stephanie Edwards who until this year was the commentator par excellence of the uninterrupted, commercial free coverage provided by KTLA in Los Angeles. Maybe next year? Apparently KTLA was shameful in its treatment of the wonderful, warm, authentic and EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE Edwards -- a former actress, news personality and talk show host in Los Angeles. No one has the wealth of knowledge -- nor the delightful and winning personality -- which Stephanie brought to parade coverage for -- who can remember how many years -- it was 25!

Boo KTLA. Yay Stephanie who decided to forgo the parade entirely this year. L.A.'s BIG loss. Maybe next year someone else's gain. HGTV are you listening? Get Stephanie on board for 2008 and you will finally have a winning parade program!!!

Another positive note: The HGTV pre-parade special, The Making of the Rose Parade 2007, with Chi-Lan Lieu was actually pretty good.

Here here here here here here are a few links to the disgusting 'dump' of Stephanie Edwards by KTLA, which started last year in 2006 when they banished her from the commentator booth to the sidewalks (in the downpour) while leaving the smarmy superficial snide Bob Eubanks in the booth, now paired with a stupid bimbette news reader. Stephanie Edwards = Class Act.

The Rocket Man was cool!

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