Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Like John McCain, Chris Matthews wants to have it both ways

Can there be any doubt many if not most of the people who end up dominating the airwaves or the halls of power or ... where ever ... those with the biggest salaries, most income, most resources (biggest contradictions and lack of consistent logic) and lowest levels of moral or intellectual consciousness are the least credible and trustworthy? They're all part of the 'club' that exists to perpetuate itself. Check out this conversation transcript between Don Imus and Chris Matthews:
Imus: "I had a conversation with Andrea Mitchell yesterday, from there, she had just landed in Beirut with Secretary Rice, they were going somewhere--they were going wherever they're today, at the West Bank. I said, why don't you go over to Syria and talk to that clown, and you're right--they, you know..."

Chris Matthews, MSNBC: "It's all ideology with this crowd. All they care about is ideology. The President bought it, hook, line and sinker, he had-- but you know, it was just put into his head, sometime after 9-11, and his philosophy is what he has given it. He didn't have to have any philosophy when he went in, and they handed it to him. These guys-- the guys--you know, the guys that you used to make fun of at school, pencil necks, the intellectuals, the guys you never trusted. All of the sudden he trusts the intellectuals, the guys you knew at school, yeah, they're a bunch of pencil necks and now he buys completely, their ideology, because he didn't have one of his own coming in. That was his problem. I don't know what Bush stood for, except I'm a cool guy and Gore isn't, and that was our problem. We elected the guy because he was a little cooler than the other guy, and, I hope the next election, it isn't a problem of who goes to bed with their wife at 9:30 at night, or who knows how to tell a joke on a stage. But it's who had the sense of strength that comes from having read books, most of their life, tried to understand history. Every mistake we're making in the Middle East right now, was made years and years ago by the British, by the French, but the mistakes they made in Vietnam were made by the French before. In Algeria the French made all the mistakes we're making now. If you engage in an invasion you will face resistance from the local people based upon religion, and that, and nationalism. You will then have to put down that insurgency, and you're going to have to use cruelty and torture to get information, because it's the only way to get intel in a counter insurgency. Every single thing that's happened to Iraq was predicted by history. It's a standard pattern. Ten, twenty years from now, when kids are reading this in high school--They are going to say, 'Why were the Americans so dumb?' They committed the same mistakes that all the Europeans had done before. And it's like these guys, everything is a surprise. The insurgency was a surprise. The no WMD was a surprise. Everything that happens, now he's out there now, taking the Arabs side against this, that's a surprise. Some of these guys are anti-Semitic. That's a surprise? Everything is known, and the big thing about this crowd that came in around Bush's.. they must have known it, but they didn't want to know it, and Bush didn't have the academic background to challenge them. And I don't know what this guy's-- The Vice President is. The Vice President is, you notice how he hides during difficult times. He's in his bunker. He's in his undisclosed location. Where's Cheney in all this? He just faces every----"

Imus:"Did you plan on taking a breath, at any point?"

Chris Matthews, MSNBC: "Huh?"

Imus:"Did you plan on taking a breath, at any point?"

Chris Matthews, MSNBC:"No, I was trying to complete the thought--" (Imus interrupts)

Imus: "Well no, and, I mean, you had nine thoughts."

Chris Matthews, MSNBC:"--and I think we had a-- I think if we had longer confrontations instead of back and forth in stupid American politics driving this thing we'd be better off."
He said with absolutely no irony or sense of shame.

Source: IMUS NEWSLETTER FOR WEDNESDAY JULY 26, 2006. Tomorrow's guests include Frank Rich and another lying greedy ambitious corrupt right-wing elected official who craves the power of being Prez: John McCain.


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