Thursday, June 29, 2006

Life on the D-List = Best 'Reality' Show on TV! Kathy & her gays = Big Hit

FORGET all that preening crap with cut-rate singers, has-been celebrities, faux dancers, island-adventure-sand-eating competitors and all those other wannabes who bore the crap out of, well people like me who just don't 'get it' -- what exactly is the attraction?

If you haven't seen Kathy Griffin's wonderful, political, hysterical and over-the-edge mocumentary (irreverent doesn't even come close to describing the intelligent, scathing Kathy-humor) 'Life on the D-List' (a self-mocking documentary in this instance) you're missing a gem of a show -- a uniquely American, iconographic zeitgeist of a show.

Two of Kathy's recent episodes covered her scary trip to Iraq to visit and entertain the military serving there and in Kuwait. She dragged along two friends and Groundling vets, Karri Turner (wow -- much prettier here than her character on Jag. Karri also did guest-appearances on two of my fave eps -- "Emily", "Christmas Carol" -- of one of my all-time faves, The X-Files, of course) and Michael McDonald of Mad-TV (Stuart, not exactly one of my fave TV-characters -- although I think it's so totally revealing that the developmentally delayed, narcissistic, ostensible seven-year-old Stuart was a big hit among the male-dominated military audiences -- if so inclined, search and refer to my previous posts about moral development, Laurence Kohlberg, etc).

The more I'm in an actual war zone, the more it's just ugly. It's not cool, it's not a Toby Keith song, it's not opening up a can of whoop-ass. It's just horrible. I don't know. Is it really worth losing so many of our own?

Yeah that's right, an avid leftie cultural-Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-critic created her own version of a Bob Hope USO Tour and visited young people in the base hospital -- youngsters with faces, arms, eyes, jaws, noses and legs missing and blown off -- stayed for hours after the shows to sign autographs and take photos with thousands of American boys and girls, men and women serving in this nightmare -- meanwhile Bill O'Reilly, Chris Mattews, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and their ilk were nowhere to be found.

And let's not even mention more about the lack of offspring in Iraq sprung from the loins of the elected and wealthy elite who currently walk the 'hallowed' greedy and powerful halls in DC, Wallstreet and Halliburton.

Kathy also has a -- what else? -- blog (which I suspect is dictated by Kathy, entered and edited by her trusty assistant, Jessica -- also featured on the show frequently typing into a computer, and who graciously declined an invitation to join the gang in Iraq). The main entry about the trip to Iraq is here.

IMHO, this reality show stuff is truly her metier. I think they have some webisodes, maybe a few from last season. Even the show's opening is creative and funny! Bravo always eventually repeats all the eps. If you bemoan the dearth of intelligent, pointed, scathing and often just plain silly, funny humor, you gotta watch Kathy & the D-List ! Who knew she was so great? Truly one of the most entertaining shows to be found anywhere is on the Bravo Channel and if you haven't guessed by now: Highly Recommended.


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