Saturday, May 20, 2006

NYPD Detective Fred the Cat Sleuth Update

We covered Fred when he first leapt onto the scene earlier this year and are happy to see an update on this courageous (and totally cute and adorable) kitty.

Hat Tip to Gothamist:

Detective Fred the Cat Goes to School
On this despicably dreary day, Gothamist is happy to discuss matters involving cats with badges. Yes, we're talking about Fred the cat, aka Detective Fred who helped the Brooklyn DA's office crack down on a phony vet. By helped, we mean looked totally cute! Fred's owner, ADA Carol Moran says that Fred is working on his getting his papers to be a "therapy animal". He'll go to schools to "show cats are nice, trusting, kind animals, and that we as people have an obligation to be responsible and caring." And there is even talk of him doing commercials!


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