Sunday, April 23, 2006

Impact, effects of the Democratic 'Leaders' : UGH. Bleh. Yada yada yada + New: Russert Rating

Listening (or trying to listen) to Teddy K. on Meet the Press. Good lord. He's even more of a double-talking blowhard than ever. He's so 'yesterday' -- just like the majority of the Dems.

Once more, another round of upcoming elections --- it's theirs to lose -- and they seem intent on doing exactly that (again). I'm just so disgusted with them -- talk about not having or getting the 'vision thing' .... except, wait, coming to life a tad bit maybe!!! TK finally just got a little fire in the belly talking about the incompetence and cronyism of the Shrub admin and the obscene wealth/profits of corporations and CEOs (like Exxon and Lee Raymond's recent $400 million dollar jewel encrusted platinum parachute). Hmmm, wonder how many doctor's visits, healthcare, housing needs that money could take care of?

Otherwise, Tim & Teddy are one big snooze and the first half of the show for today's Russert Rating receives an 'especially lame' on the lame, lamer, lamest continuum.

Don't know if I can stomach the second half -- or simply manage to stay awake.

........ Zzzzzzzz ........

Footnotes: Here's another (mixed-picture) perspective from WaPo's Ruth Marcus:

Tyrannosaurus Ted?

Kennedy is unaccustomed to operating in a world in which Republicans control the White House, House and Senate and hasn't adjusted his tactics accordingly. ...

what is the point, really, of being in Congress if you're not there to at least try to get something done? If you think it's too dangerous to go to conference because you're frightened of the results, then what, exactly, have you been elected to do? Between the antics of the leaders on both sides -- You're wrong. No, you are. Well, you started it. -- and the prospect of crafting a legislative compromise, put me down in Kennedy's column.

And here's E.J. Dionne's WaPo column about the Dems' recent get-together:

The Left's Big Ideas

Democratic Party leaders met over the weekend in New Orleans, gleefully criticized President Bush's stewardship and issued a "vision" statement that most pundits and reporters saw as less than visionary and not terribly specific.

Perfectly true, which underscores a central fact of American politics: "New ideas," "bold visions," "detailed solutions" and "courageous policies" almost never originate with politicians, especially politicians in the middle of election campaigns. Political consultants, with a few honorable exceptions, don't do "vision" either.

...None of this means a new liberalism will soon reign triumphant. It does mean that after a long period of reacting to conservative initiatives, progressives sense that conservative failures have created a vacuum that needs to be filled. The marketplace of ideas is not always efficient, but it eventually responds to felt needs.

That is what's happening, even if some of the ideas are still less than completely baked, as the political philosopher Dustin Hoffman might put it -- and even if it will take a long time for any of the ideas to penetrate Democratic National Committee meetings. It has always been thus. (emphasis mine)


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