Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Being an Outspoken Critic: okay for the right, not for those who criticize it = HYPOCRISY

Left this in response to a posting by Dr. Reich's post "A Dangerous Precedent" on the whole 'retired generals speaking out' criticizing Rummy uproar:

Hi Dr. Reich -- so glad you're here:

Your points are well-taken -- and consistent.

What I find galling (and once again hypocritical to the max) are the right wingers who complain NOW, but have been all too happy to have not only retired military but also ACTIVE duty military actively embroiled in political endorsements, activities, fundraising, etc for decades -- as long as it benefits the republicans and the right. Example: Schwartzkopf addressing the repub nat'l convention in the early 90s.

They do the same thing with religion.

Also, if retired generals/military shouldn't be speaking out against Rummy (therefore Bush) now, why is it okay for active and retired to be speaking out now in his behalf as a direct response to those who have been criticizing the incompetent mishandling of the war, etc? Why is that okay with the right?

Again, it's because as long as it benefits their outlook, beliefs, perspective, power, speaking out for Rumsfeld is okay, but if it doesn't, it's 'unseemly', disloyal, insubordinate (which of course it certainly can't be if they are no longer active duty).

So again, although you have credibility on this issue, this administration does not (nor do those who are now involving themselves in the PR campaign to criticize those who are critical of Bush/Rumsfeld.

Much as they try, they can't continue to have it both ways (although they will continue to try and there are plenty of Americans who will happily join them in their twisted rationalizations and blatant hypocrisy).



In the final act, it is Bush who is the most responsible as he is the 'decider in chief.'

You can read Dr. Reich's posting here.


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