Friday, April 07, 2006

Florida: Land of the Homophobes, Homophobic Bigots, Bigoted Homophobes

NOW on PBS tonight: Florida's ban on gay people adopting hard to place, abused, abandoned, betrayed, unloved foster children (among all the other discriminatory, hate-mongering perpetuated not just by ignorant individuals, but institutionalized by the state).

Infuriating. Shortsighted. These state legislators would rather children be raised in the state, shunted around, experience instability and unpredictability than let queers provide a loving, stable, sheltered family settings with predictable, growthful, steady situations.

Another big reason Florida Sucks! But David Brancaccio and PBS ROCK! I used to listen to David all the time on Marketplace on NPR (KCRW, KPCC) when I was in CA. If Bill Moyers had to leave, David was a perfect choice to leave in charge of NOW. We need more Davids and Bills instead of the spitballs and hairballs in MSM -- if only!


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