Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome Home to Jill Carroll

CHEERS to Jill for surviving and to those who have even a teeny, tiny sliver of a clue about what her traumatic ordeal must have been like.

JEERS to the right wing ignoramuses and blowhards who don't have even the most remote clue nor an ounce of empathy in their intelligence-deprived pea brains (oxymoron, perhaps?) and concrete-clad hearts.

ThinkProgress has a very good series of posts documenting the worst offenders. Thanks to Random Fate and The Moderate Voice for the heads up and links to Right Wing Nut House's Rick Moran, the ONLY conservative I'm aware of who has condemned the soulless wingnuts for their vicious, hateful, closed-minded, cold-hearted, judgmental, rabid mouth foaming, decsions-made-before-facts-were-known, hate-mongering about Ms. Carroll.

...if they have an ounce of integrity, they will write a public apology. ....Jill Carroll was twice a victim -- once of jihadist terrorists who kidnapped her and once of a culture that sought to exploit her tragedy to satisfy personal ambition and ego.

Shame on us all for allowing this to happen.

Yes. Shame on all of you. The title of his post is "Twice a Victim" and can be accessed here.

Again, I reiterate: Join the 'Boycott MSNBC' calls (except for Keith Olbermann) and add WFAN radio to the boycott list -- another shrine (among many) to amoral arrested male development gleefuly celebrating the worst, most disgusting and destructive conscienseless adolescent behavior by alleged adults. (anything for money -- it's the american way)

And if any of you people seriously watch Faux News (which of course I doubt, because you probably wouldn't be reading this if you did), then feel free continue to join the Veep in his protected-Bubble-world into which facts do not intrude.


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