Saturday, March 25, 2006

Something Freudian this Way Comes

Thoughtful column by Richard Cohen about HRC in the WaPo today.

Like Marie Antoinette, Hillary has emerged as the repository of so many fears, so much dread, such aspirations -- so much good and bad -- that we have to look past her office or her ambitions and suggest, strongly, that something deeply Freudian is at work. It was Freud, after all, who spoke for all men (and many women) by asking, "What do women want?" Now -- some fear, others hope -- we may finally have the answer. The White House.

Personally, I don't think Freud spoke for all that many people, but we'll not be pedantic. Nonetheless, he did make significant contributions to our understanding of the complexities of the western mind. And from what I can tell the right & the repubs would sooner behead HRC than allow her become the next prez.


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