Monday, April 03, 2006

LIAR LIAR...Top strategy for being elected & re-elected

Froomkin adds to the growing chorus of those documenting the evidence that BUSH LIED, CHENEY LIED, RICE LIED, TENET LIED, POWELL LIED, RUMSFELD LIED...(it goes without saying that ROVE LIED), et al by providing an important heads-up, reminder and link to Murry Waas's singular work at the National Journal.

....time and time again, Bush and his aides have selectively leaked or declassified secret intelligence findings that served their political agenda -- while aggressively asserting the need to keep secret the information that would tend to discredit them. twist is that Rove apparently understood that if American voters found out how Bush had intentionally misled them, the election might be lost. He was intent on not letting that happen.

Waas's narrative also helps explain why the White House felt so compelled to discredit former ambassador Joseph Wilson's charge in May 2003 that another key justification for war was manifestly false.

They LIED and MANIPULATED, and continue to do so. People like McCain, DeLay & Frist have learned the lessons (of how many Americans -- especially social conservatives -- will reward deception and mendacity with mindless loyalty and votes since after all, it's more important to keep queers from marrying and Mexicans from migrating than making sure people have healthcare, housing, livable wages and violence-free, non-toxic environments...) and are following suit, as probably have some feckless dems too, unfortunately.

Waas can be found here and here. Froomkin here.


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