Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bush to the people: "I understand your Gas Pain"

Frist: "Let them get tune-ups."

The President and the Politicians are 'Shocked! Shocked!' that their oil company brethren (aka big-money contributors and friends of Dick 'shoot-em-up' Cheney) are raking in historic windfall profits.

And they're going to demand an investigation right away, while new Chief of Staff Josh Bolten makes sure the Prez 'brags' about all his and the repugnacons' great accomplishments (Karl Rove's smudgy, smeary fingerprints anyone?).

As David Gergen pointed out with regard to the new Chief of Staff's Five-(talking)-Point Plan to rescue the White House: "Pure Cynicism" -- spin with no substance
, no addressing fundamental issues/problems which concern and affect regular people: war, economy, healthcare, immigration, border security, Iran, Iraq ...

In his recent op-ed piece in the NY Times, he wrote:
The timing and nature of the shake-up signals that Mr. Bush's primary interest is in better management and marketing.
(in all fairness, in the interview I saw, Gergen also stated he couldn't/didn't believe this was actually Bolten's plan because it is so cynical -- like I said: tell-tale signs of Rove still being Bush's brain).

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

(the more things change, the more they stay the same)

Time Magazine article about the so-called five-point rescue (PR/spin) plan here. Gergen's NYTimes op-ed, here.

just in case anyone cares, I purposefully did NOT use feel in the entry title/headline because it would further devalue the concept of empathy, understanding, concern and the true meaning of feel (since the right/the shrub admin have evinced little if any actual empathy/concern/feelings for or toward actual regular non-wealthy human beings) -- all the while attempting to underscore the irony of the intellectual concept of understand used within the context of or in juxtaposition to the debacle that is President George W. Bush.


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