Sunday, July 02, 2006

Amazing New Discovery! For BLUE Economic Activism -- easy, excellent resource

I just found this completely cool interactive informational pro-consumer community-building site called -- (get it? Buy stuff from Blue state progressives NOT conservative Red state types!) And by 'types', from what I can tell, it means mainly companies, corporations, etc.

One amazing, unexpected finding: has made political donations primarily to REPUBLICANS! That means they have a RED rating -- BOO!

I never would have known that without this new site and I am telling you right now, no more (unless and until their rating changes to overwhelmingly BLUE)! That's it for me as far as it concerns -- ya listening Mr. Jeff Bezos?

Ironically, they're based in Seattle -- one of the most progessive (beautiful) places on the planet. It also happens to be the same place Starbucks is headquartered -- and I'm happy to confirm that Starbucks has a totally BLUE rating. Wow! Thanks -- this is one of the most impressive sites I've come across in a very long time.

To see who the best BLUES and worst RED offenders are, you can peruse the alpha-list of all companies, a categories clusters/listing, and a ranked listing (by various measures such as:
I think it's easiest, most informative to start with the alphabetical listing because it's the most succinct, has a snapshot approach, you can search, sort, go into more depth on each company from there.

A quick check of Wal-Mart shows -- big surprise -- a very RED multinational corporation with 78% of their political donations going to -- another big shocker -- REPUBLICANS. And to think, Wal-Mart has been engaged in a recent PR blitz extolling all their 'blue' virtues and they've actually apparently schnookered some so-called 'progressives' (either that or paid them off like the Bushies paid off people like the shame-faced faux-journalist Walter Williams, or maybe it's more like Jack Abramoff buyingTom DeLay and the entire republican congress and more than a few scummy dems). Like somebody once told Woodward and Bernstein: "Follow the Money."

Because it's an interactive, 'civic community' site (their 501(c)3 nonprofit application is pending), participants can add information, reports, opinions etc (while being subject to peer review, just like a wiki-type site).

See what you think, (and please do be kind to these folks because it's a fairly new site, run/operated by volunteers and they're probably still working a lot of the kinks out of it), but if you're like me, you'll definitely want to consult whenever possible from now on before making consumer buys and purchasing choices. To me -- it's impressive, useful and goes at the top of my bookmarks. Highly Recommended.


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