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Southern Christians Don't Believe in Evolution but they Do Enthusiastically Practice Sadistic Cruelty to Animals, Especially Bunnies

Civilized Yet? Jacksonville Florida Baptist Christians Gleefully Once More Prove Bill Maher (Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO) and the (obnoxious-but-valid-about-this) Christopher Hitchens' Point that "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything"

I realize this does not represent ALL Christians (just too many of them). This particularly vile brand of 'Teaching while Promoting
Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity' Vomits Forth Yet Again Its Unhideable Despicable Inherent Nature of Corruption, Violence, Brutality, Immorality, Sadism, Cruelty, Lack of Empathy, Psychopathy and Sociopathy in the name of - cough - Science, Biology, Nature ... (but mind you, NOT evolution)
A Jacksonville Florida Baptist Christian teacher, school (Trinity Christian Academy, "Where Values are a Must", part of Trinity Baptist Church), administration, community and students enjoyed displaying (and apparently videotaping) their sadistic cruelty and violent savagery toward a helpless bunny rabbit when a Christian Science/Biology teacher at the fundamentalist evangelical religious Baptist school scheduled a group-watch to teach students that hungry captive pythons will eat captive, trapped, domesticated rabbits in front of barbaric human onlookers.
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Students Watch Python Eat Bunny In [Jacksonville, FL] Westside Classroom

Parents Voice Concern After Watching Video Of After-School Demonstration
Some parents have been voicing their concern after a group of students stayed after school to watch a python devour a rabbit.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Whether an after-school activity was an educational lesson or a disturbing demonstration is being debated at a Westside school where a group of students watched as a python devoured a bunny.

Cameras rolled inside a Trinity Christian Academy as a python struck, killed and ate a rabbit in a classroom crowded with students.

The video was posted on, showing the supervised demonstration at the school with students wearing miniature, fake snakes around their necks.

After placing a large python on floor, a man removes a rabbit from a cage and baits it for the snake, moving it from side to side and then releasing it seconds before the snake strikes out at the smaller animal.

"This was the biology teacher, and he asked the kids if they wanted to see it. Everyone said yes, the kid brought in the snake and they did it.
There was nothing wrong with it," said student Brittney Brown [in a stunning display of Faith-based blissfully cruel and sadistic ignorance.]. Some Trinity parents said they were disgusted after viewing the footage, and they let the administration know. [again, proof that they're not all stupid empathy-deprived barbarians.]

According to the school's administrator, several angry e-mails came into the school about the video.
However, some argue that what the students witnessed in the school's classroom was
just nature at work. [with a huge dose of human manipulation and intervention.]

"It might be something uncomfortable for people to watch, particularly animal lovers. However this is a natural phenomenon. The way the animal ate is completely normal," said Kristen Key of Jacksonville Animal Care and Control.
[More evolved, civilized insights from a 'Really enlightened person' in a key public position (sarcasm intended).]

Key said there is abolutely
nothing criminal going on in the video and that Animal Care and Control would not be pressing charges. [But let's not quibble over the oxymoron of Christian Morality.]

"There is nothing illegal we can tell from what we've seen. It's not illegal to own a python in Florida," Key said.
[And apparently it's not immoral, violent, sadistic, cruel, barbaric or serious indication of a disturbing, deep psycopathic tendency or mental illness or soul sickness if it's not illegal. Aren't you relieved?]

Legalities aside, some are questioning why students would watch the graphic demonstration.

"This is something that we are just beginning to become aware of," said Trinity Christian administrator Clayton Lindstam.

The administrator said he has not yet seen the video [now unavailable on YouTube].

He said he knows some details about the classroom demonstration but because graduation was coming up, he would wait until Friday to begin an investigation.

"We have an incident after school, and I'm going to find out about it," Lindstam said
[while barely suppressing a smirk and chuckle on camera].

He has called a school meeting to talk about what happened, but
students who saw the python told Channel 4 they didn't have a problem with watching the feeding. [Kinda like the the repugneocons outmaneuvering each other to prove who is more in favor of torture.]

"No one felt threaten by it," said student Corey Stevenson. "It was pretty much, 'Hey, this is going to happen if you want to be there.' More people showed up than they thought would. Anyone who felt threatened by it left."
[And like the Nazis and so many other sadistic murderers have taught us: if everyone else does it, if it's done in God's name and if the authority figures say it's A-Okay, well, it must be.]

Singer & Miller Insights from

"As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behavior toward creatures, all man were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right."
In this passage, Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer gets right to the heart of the connection between violence against animals and violence among people: the principle that might makes right. Even people who are pacifist in every other aspect of life will condone violence against animals with no better justification than "because we want to and we can."

Killing in self-defense is one thing; killing for pleasure is another. ...

A different, more subtle, form of child abuse occurs every time a child's natural empathy for animals is supressed by parents or care givers...Psychologist Alice Miller (who writes about and grew up from the depths of Nazi cruelty) has shown that children who have been taught not to feel empathy [can easily] grow up to be adults who can [behave as cruelly as and gladly] follow the orders of Nazis. Thus, in forcing children to participate in violence against animals, parents [and teachers and preachers] endanger not only their children but the world."
The 'school notes' from indicate that:
Trinity Christian Academy was founded in 1967 to meet the academic, spiritual, physical and social needs of our students. It is the goal of our dedicated faculty and staff to equip students enrolled in TCA with the academic skills and character training necessary for success beyond their school careers.
I guess they also greatly enjoy instigating, watching, justifying, rationalizing, taping and worshiping animal sacrifices; how very Old Testament of them.

If anything, this Baptist fundamentalist 'Christian' teacher and his adherents have actually proved once more that some humans are recently if barely descended from primates -- and that is a major insult to monkees, chimps, apes and other primates.

Of note: this cruelty is exposed in the news on the same day Mitt 'the fundamentalist flip-flopper' Romney received a warm churchly welcome in Jacksonville.

Footnote: Apparently youtube is chock-full of current and future sociopaths, serial killers and psychopaths who get their rocks off watching small animals being killed and/or ingested by all manner of other life forms; pythons eating bunnies seems to be a particularly popular subgenre with at least 48 entries.

Trinity Christian Academy & Trinity Baptist Church
800 Hammond Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32221
school phone: (904)596-2432
church phone: (904)596-2400
administration email:

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At May 27, 2007 12:06 PM, Blogger operation perfume said...

I'm a graduate of Trinity Christian Academy (1980) and have been blogging the case of Bob Gray, the founder of TCA, who was arrested last year on charges of serial child molestation. Some of the accounts date back to the 1940's!

This isn't the first time animals have been killed and students cried in Trinity's biology classes. More info on my blog.

OH! Nearly forgot: I'm also a member of the House Rabbit Society. When you miss with the bunny, you miss with me!!!!


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