Monday, March 12, 2007

Nature's visual poetry. Backyard menagerie the occasional series, cont'd

Oh beautious nature! Oh charming backyard critters!

Fat bunchy cardinal.

I see you too.

Among the pines, hard-wood trees and pink azaleas.
Darn mediocre digital kodak camera. Gotta get a battery for my good ole 35MM pentax.

Easy pickins'.

Still hanging around ... munching on sunflower seeds.
(Bonus Above: there's a little chickadee in the grass
visible under the squirrel and the bottom left corner of the wooden feeder.)

and then, Frozen pose.
Caught in the act!
Nothing like being watched by indoor cats and the photographer from a nearby window.

Birdseed husks on the face: tattle-tale evidence of munchy crunchy crumbs.

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