Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Republican Candidate a Racist? What else is new?

Media coverage continues about George Allen's recidivism into his racist underpinnings. Reminds me of those stories about painting horses to look like one color or breed only to have the rain wash away the coating to reveal the true colors.

WP articles here, here, here, here, here; NYT here. The notorious video here.

If, as I've heard and read, Allen spent most of his early pre-politics time in California then he knows full well that caca is a spanish term used for 'poop' (and often in place of the english curse word that starts with SH and ends with IT). Using 'ma caca' (or 'muh caca') would be along the lines of 'yo mama' or 'tu caca' or a combo of 'Mo-Caca' in reference to their other derogatory name for him "Mohawk" (which can easily be construed to mean "shit-head" ... so I don't buy Allen's dumb guy act (although I think he's plenty stupid).

Not to mention that singling someone out to intentionally humiliate them in front of others is simply the hallmark of a rude, brutal bully. More 'boys will be boys' arrested development among the so-called 'leaders of the free world."

Ryan Lizza of The New Republic has already written about how Allen's racist tendencies and 'confederate flag fetish" will fare with voters in the south:

On the right, a debate is now brewing about what Allen's four-decade embrace of the Confederate flag means for his presidential ambitions. Some are bothered by the revelations. At the influential conservative website, the blogger TheCollegian, who volunteered for Allen in 1993, writes, "George Allen did not simply adopt an affection for the South, but the South at a certain time: a time when it was fighting to keep slavery legal. Even this would be ok if he had some family tie to the region at that time, but he doesn't. I find that to be disturbing."

But there's a second view. It is best expressed to me by [Greg] Stevens, now a consultant to John McCain. He argues strenuously that I should not write a piece about Allen and the Confederate flag. He says it would be unfair to Allen. But, when I explain Allen's record on the issue, he makes another argument that has nothing to do with fairness, and I figure out why he is so forceful. "Well, you also realize you're getting him votes for the primary, right?" Stevens says, alluding to key states in the South. He raises his voice to a shout: "You're getting him votes! Big time!"

Yep. The repugnacons just love to 'play the race card' when it suits them (when they think only their hard core lemmings are looking) and throw open the big tent when in public.

Just notice what kinds of messages they've already been sending regarding Revs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson being on the podium behind Ned Lamont during his victory speech.

(Yes, I think they're both media whores, but so are a bunch of white politicians, ego-maniacs, religious fanatics and activists of all stripes and parties, but the repugs don't send 'coded' messages to scare their flocks regarding the skin color or ethnicity of the other white progressives they love to attack -- they send sexist/gender messages for sure about Pelosi, Clinton, gay men and lesbians -- it's replaced the commie pinko red scare of the 50s. They effectively utilize the intersections of hate, fear, ignorance which is the foundation for the collective American cultural psyche's embrace of their right-wing propaganda and fear mongering: racism, sexism, homophobia being the big three).

Can people really pretend to not understand 'why they hate us' in so many other parts of the world? When will American voters tire of voting for the bullying jocks and arrogant frat boys?


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