Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Lamont Watch: CT Democratic Senate Primary Thread

11:14 PM EDT Lieberman Concedes, Lamont Announced as Winner
U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
724 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 96.79%
Lamont, Ned Dem 141,623 51.85
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 131,491 48.15
10:20 PM EDT
U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
618 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 82.62%
Lamont, Ned Dem 119,100 51.83%
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 110,686 48.17%
10:03 PM EDT
U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
575 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 76.87%
Lamont, Ned Dem 109,239 51.76
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 101,818 48.24

9:59 PM EDT Gonna be a long night. A close race apparently. And absentee votes? Where will they land?
U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
551 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 73.66%
Lamont, Ned Dem 103,145 51.73%
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 96,235 48.27%

9:47 PM EDT The gap narrows as larger urban precincts begin reporting results.
484 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 64.71%
Lamont, Ned Dem 89,814 51.60%
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 84,231 48.40%

9:30 PM EDT: Honing in toward 50% of returns and Lamont's lead is holding.
U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
332 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 44.39%
Lamont, Ned Dem 64,383 53.09%
Lieberman, Joe (i) Dem 56,891 46.9%
Wonkette has some interesting entries with regard to the Lieberman site being down, here and here including the original site designers sending a note that they haven't hosted the Lieberman site for more than three months and that it had been moved from a dedicated server with wide bandwidth allocation to a cheap shared hosting site with restrictions on bandwidth.

Some other blog sites are reporting that other shared sites on that same server block allocation went down also, although when I checked the hosting site was down, but a guitar site on the same block IP numbers with shared hosting was operating.

Ralph Nader expressing opinions about the Lieberman Lamont race on WNPR.

Here's the photo of a very stressed very young-looking youngster who apparently made the decision to move the Lieberman campaign to the shared hosting site (from the NYTimes website front page).

9:05 PM EDT: From the Hartford Courant: "...former state Democratic party chairman George Jepsen [was] relying on something slightly more reliable than gut instinct - he had word from people in the field that returns were coming in overwhelmingly for Lamont."
160 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 21.39%
Lamont, Ned Dem 35,942 56.01%
Lieberman, Joe Dem 28,227 43.99
Election officials predicted 40 to 50 percent voter turnout in the primary -- a figure considered high for a primary. At 6 p.m. West Hartford recorded 59 percent voter turnout.

The mood at Lieberman's headquarters was subdued Tuesday afternoon...

6:15 PM EDT Less than two hours to go before the polls close. Listening to streaming radio from Hartford, CT's NPR station, WNPR. It's All Things Considered right now, but assume there will be local coverage during the breaks and once the polls close. Yes, in fact they just announced they will have live coverage beginning at 8PM.

Also, here's the link to the Hartford Courant newspaper's website.

5:40 PM EDT: Dan Balz and Shailagh Murray of the Washington Post are now on Washington Post Radio discussing the Lamont / Lieberman issues, including the possibility that Lieberman's server is down not due to hacking, but due to ... server overload, past due hosting bills ... who knows? But for the Lieberman campaign to immediately blame Lamont is lame and paranoid.

Murray is pointing out that more is afoot in the CT primary than just the Iraq war -- anti-incumbency fever being a major issue -- voters are fed up with people like Lieberman who have lost touch with the real lives of every day citizens.

5:15 PM EDT: Chris Matthews just reported on his live-from-CT Hardball on MSNBC that he heard from an "unimpeachable Lieberman campaign source" that if Lamont wins, no matter what the point difference, he will run as an independent third-party candidate. That's enough reason for me to STRONGLY URGE Connecticut democrats to get out and VOTE FOR LAMONT! If Lieberman is such a 'loyal' party member, if he is such a vociferous voice for and supporter of participatory Democracy, he should accept the voters' will NO MATTER WHAT. And if he loses, he should bow out gracefully.

P.S. I still LOATHE Chris Matthews, but he's the only one on site for the duration.


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